Who Is Dr. Terry Copperman?

Dr. Copperman at his clinic.

Dr. Terry Copperman MD, Family Physician and Administrator of the Personal Kiatsu School.

Dr. Copperman has practiced family medicine in Eugene, OR. for over 40 years. He is well respected within his community and shares a great deal of affection with his many patients. In the office, he practices evidence-based western medicine.

He started training Ki-Aikido in 1978 and continues training and teaching to this day. He was invited to join the Personal Kiatsu School by his teacher and mentor, Calvin Tabata, at the inception of the school in 1993.

“I am excited to help define how Kiatsu can help treat medical problems. Our first project is a pilot study on migraine prevention, and I hope to follow the first study with several additional studies on migraines. Strokes, concussions, burns, and injuries are areas of future interest. Perhaps the most important research in the future will be to determine the biological mechanisms that create the dramatic recoveries we have witnessed, which has the potential to improve everyone’s health and well being.”

Who Is Dr. Terry Copperman? August 31, 2017

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